The problem with funnels

How many times have you seen the innovation and new product development process represented as a funnel?

I’ve worked in Innovation and New Product Development for roughly the last 30 years and I’ve seen the “Innovation Funnel” approach applied more times than I care to remember – but in my experience,

innovation works NOTHING LIKE A FUNNEL!

You see, a funnel only works in one direction – as a linear process – which results in many viable ideas that might be a bit ahead of their time, or possibly just requiring more thought, being “filtered out” and forgotten about – ending up as a missed opportunity.

But real innovation, whether it be disruptive, incremental or sustaining,

  • borders on chaos,
  • is iterative,
  • includes experimentation and
  • requires a mix of both Art and Science.

This book and site aims to use the distillation process of a Moonshine Still as a metaphor to bring to life the activities and considerations involved in identifying trends, conceiving new ideas, refining them, and getting them out to market.

It is designed to get you thinking differently and above all it is meant to encourage you to get out there and start “making your own moonshine”.

(and if all else fails, you could follow the recipe outlined at the beginning of each chapter in order to have some actual “moonshine” to drown your sorrows with at the end 😃)