So What’s this all about then?

Single Moonshine bottle


This site is intended to be a companion site for the “Making Moonshine” business innovation book and will include some background and tangential thinking not explored in the book itself.

The book is being written by renowned disruptor / innovator / agitator Andrew Vorster and is currently a work in progress during time available between public speaking engagements and running innovation workshops for clients and employers the world over.

After many years spent in innovation in a variety of companies and contexts, Andrew has built the metaphor of a Moonshine Still to help describe the activities, mindsets and actions that need to come together in order to come up with and execute on, ideas for New Product Development (NPD) and innovation of all kinds. He has been fortunate enough to have gained access to an actual licensed distillery that is local to him, where they make use of a traditional copper pot still to produce alcohol. The founder of this organisation has stimulated his thinking even further and provided a rich source of  anecdotes from which parallels in the business world can be drawn, adding colour and depth to the metaphor (and delaying publishing the book while he embellishes his thoughts and descriptions).

As a result, it’s advised that you subscribe to this site in the footer below in order to be kept updated with occasional moonshine musings and a few “free items of value” that will be available to subscribers along the journey to eventual book publication.