The Moonshine Metaphor

Moonshine JugsPálenka, puskar, rakia, mampoer, poteen, koo koo juice, samogon, hooch, peatreek, witblits, lao khao, guaro, chacha, pontikka, schwarzgebrannter, these are just some of the names from around the world used to describe “home brew” alcohol – generically falling under the umbrella of “Moonshine”. Sometimes the distillation is legal for personal consumption, very often it’s not (particularly in countries where the consumption of alcohol is strictly forbidden for religious reasons) and occasionally the terms are even adopted by licensed distillers.

But while the quality and variety differs vastly from region to region and still to still, the basic process of “making moonshine” is fairly common and very much recogniseable.

In fact, the basic process of distillation is taught in schools and science labs pretty much the world over although obviously not with the intention of teaching kids to make alcohol I hasten to add!

For this reason, I have found that once the parallels in the process to business innovation have been outlined, most people “get it” straight away and can start filling in the blanks and adding their own unique elements almost immediately.

And so, the metaphor goes like this:-

Moonshine metaphor


Each of the above steps will be explored in more depth in future blogs, articles and in the “Making Moonshine” book – but always remember – as with all recipes – it’s open to interpretation, alteration and adjustment – and it’s a blend of art and science – ask any cook!